Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Friday, February 5, 2016

Global Play Day

This week several grades at PES participated in Global Play Day. The premise is to supply toys, games, craft supplies, etc or have students bring in things from home and to let them play without adult direction. Adults may participate and obviously monitor for safety, but they are encouraged to let kids figure out activities for themselves. The rule? No technology or electronics are allowed. We are talking good old board games, cards, legos, coloring, crafts, forts, and many other "old fashioned" toys. There were two rules I reminded the students:
1. Be safe
2. Be kind

Throughout the afternoon, we had over 75 students come in and out of the Library Learning Commons to play. Students (and staff) in grades 8, 6, 5, 3/4, 2, and Kindergarten came to play in our amazing space. Collaboration, creativity, curiosity and laughter were highlighted during this time. Several moments stick in my mind:

Tea party with friends, combining Global Play Day with Color Your Collection week, Chutes and Ladders ( popular at ANY age)

Board games, chess, cards, legos

Fort building-my favorite! It was heart-warming to watch ALL age groups connect, help, and construct a fort worth playing in. 

Even the adults wanted a turn and the kids eagerly shared their cool space. 

We will certainly participate in this again.
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