Sunday, October 6, 2013

Reading is......

I have been madly reading books to introduce to the students. Recently, I read two books that I really enjoyed. They will be in the library soon for students to take out.

Counting By 7s By Holly Goldberg Sloan: This is a poignant story of an adopted girl that suddenly loses both her parents in a car accident. Willow thinks differently than other kids and that is evident in the beginning of the book. She is facinated with the number 7 and counting by 7 is something that soothes her.  After her parents death, she does not allow herself this luxury. She is a brilliant young girl who doesn't seem to really fit in with others until she meets Mai. Mai takes pity on Willow and tries to help her out. Together the girls trick social services into believing Willow is an old family friend and can live with Mai's family. The story takes unexpected twists and turns when social services wants to come for a home visit.. Delving into odd relationships with a variety of people, Willow learns more about friendship than she could have dreamed of. A wonderful book that weaves in people from almost every ethnic culture without seeming overwhelming. I found this book interesting and it sends a good message. I would recommend it for students in grades 5 and up.

Bo at Ballard Creek By Kirkpatrick Hill: This is one of my new favorite books. The writing style and illustrations reminded me of the Little House books. This is another story that has an adopted child, Bo. The story takes place in an Alaskan gold mining camp during the time of the Gold Rush.  Her mother relinquishes her to the orphanage at birth, but two gold miners step in and adopt her. She lives with them in the cook shack and has a variety of responsibilities, just like Laura in Little House. Bo is too young to attend school so she befriends everyone in and around camp and even goes on dog sled runs with an older Eskimo woman.  She becomes special friends with a little boy who is an orphan, and the friendship develops into a heartwarming tale. The book is full of rich, caring, realistic characters that make you want to read more. I could see this being a good read aloud book that can promote interesting discussions around setting, time period, ethnicity, and friendship. I will definitely be watching for more books from this author.

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