Monday, April 28, 2014

April showers bring lots of…poetry!

April is such  fun month in the library. It is National I Love Libraries and Poetry month. In our library, we celebrate all month long with poetry, games, writing, quizzes, and library jeopardy ( a kid favorite).Of course, what would April be without Poem in your Pocket and the Slam? Both are highly anticipated events. Below are pictures of some of the fun things we did this month.

1st graders illustrated a poem read aloud to them:

 We celebrated poem in your pocket:

The meme this week said, " You are the main character in the last book you read, who are you?"Students posted what character they would be.

Last but not least, the question of the week was: What is your definition of "Librarian?" I'll post several responses by grade over the next few blog posts:

1st and 2nd grade responses:

"A person who takes care of books."
"They give books to kids."
"I think a librarian is someone who reads stories and teaches us new things."
" A librarian helps you if need help and helps you find books."
"Someone who reads stories to kids."
"They teach you about parts of a book."

I'll continue to post these great answers.
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