Monday, July 6, 2015

Student Genius Hour commentary

Wrapping up the year consisted of student reflections regarding Genius Hour. Here are the comments straight from the students' mouths. 

"I learned that even when you hit a road block, there is still hope and a chance. You can!"

"Be creative, do stuff you want to do."

"It's ok to fail."

"Live in your imagination."

"I learned how to overcome failure and keep going."

"I learned that even if you fail, you should keep trying."

"Don't give up."

"Dream big because anything is possible."

"Nothing great can be accomplished without failure."

"It takes a while to succeed."

"I love the freedom."

"Try hard."

"It is hard to reach your dreams."

"Make sure you have a strong plan before you start."

"I liked how you were given the freedom to do something you never thought you could."

"Best thing: freedom of choice."

" I learned that sometimes failure can make you a better person."

"Keep an open mind."

"Pick something you are passionate about."

"Anything is possible if I really put my mind to it." 

"Don't be afraid to try new things."

"I like how you have your own say and choice in what you want to do."

"You need to be committed to work through road-blocks."

"I learned that you are not always going to love your project."

"I learned how to collaborate." 

"Just do it and don't give up."

"Keep trying."

" I learned that even if you think you stink, you don't."

"Support someone else's ideas."

"Sometimes failures can turn into successes."

"Stay optimistic and be creative."

"Have a clear plan."

"I learned independent learning and how to advocate for myself."

"No project is too big. If it doesn't work you can change it."

"Create your future."

Happy summer and keep reading,
The Noisy Librarian